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Margaret Zyla (Belfry)
Year: (1976)

Last Visit: 5/24/2016

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18807 E Second Ave
Greenacres, WA  99016

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
2 years after high school, my high school sweetheart, Paul Belfry and I got married and moved to Spokane Washington. Paul worked for Boeing in Spokane, WA until they sold the factory to a company from Pennsylvania called TCS. He is Design Engineer and designs airplane floor panels and duct work. We are currently living in Bremen Germany with our youngest son who is attending a German Gymnasium School. Paul is working on several New Boeing and Airbus Programs, while I try to manage 2 other homes from long distance!
My family:
We built a house, have raised and are still raising 5 kids in it. They are Samuel Joseph (23), Sarah Jayne (21), Sondra Jean (19), Skylar James (17) and Sherman Jack (13). Oh...we thought the day would never come, but we've got one grandson born in August 2006. His name is Jack Spencer Belfry. We've been married for 28 great years. We have 3 places that we call home: Spokane is our 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house on an acre of land that we built in 1982. We have tentatively given it to our children to take care of for us (Big mistake?!). Then there is Grayland WA, where we have a get-away cabin, 5 blocks from the Pacific Ocean, that we like to go to just to walk the beaches and reflect on our lives. We go there once a month when we are in the states. And lastly, there is Bremen Germany, where we have a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house with a postage stamp sized yard with an 18 inch fence surrounding it. We have been in Germany for 2 years now.
Life experiences:
Traveling the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Plays, Track and Field, Electronics class and Dances. WE ARE ALSO TRYING TO GET EVERYONE SIGNED UP AT: CHECK IT OUT!
My favorite things now:
Travel, Arts and Crafts. Trying maintaining my sanity?
My favorite books, movies and music:
In Germany? I don't understand any of it! I'm sure I'll have to learn the language to live here though.
I work at:
Domestic Engineer / Paul is a Design Engineer
My website:

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