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Bryan High School Alumni

Don Stump
Year: (1972)

Updated: 4/4/2012
Last Visit: 5/26/2015

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6555 Schneider way,apt.111
Arvada, Co  80004
Phone Number:
303 422 1454

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Cooking/Chef/Baker most healthy foods. Praising God and Thanking Him for His Son Jesus. Also thanking Jesus for His strips that truly healed me,when neurosurgeons claimed different. Going back to live on The Big Island of out of one 1200 lb.rotisserie doing private and public venues.
My family:
All gone,cept my brother Bill,who is Director of Security at Iowa State Pen.
Life experiences:
Accepting Jesus and following Jesus my whole heart/mind soul and strength.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
They are gone,Hallelujah..Amen
My favorite things now:
Cook healthy w/pleased pallots Coking/baking from many pleased taste buds.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Old ones..few new ones.
I work at:
Self employed
My website:

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